#GASummertimeDrink Overall Winner- Wishams Watermelon Daiquiri

Congrats to Valarie D. for winning the Georgia’s Best Summertime Drink contest!  This recipe is unique and downright delicious!  Plus – Valarie was able to use both Georgia Watermelons, and a south Georgia farmers custom pepper jelly to make this recipe work!   


Wisham’s Watermelon Daiquiri

By Valarie D.



2 tablespoons Wisham’s Fire Jelly

2 tablespoons Wisham’s Blueberry Jelly

1 cup cubed watermelon

1/2 cup frozen strawberry daiquiri mix

1/2 cup frozen lime daiquiri mix

1 cup Bacardi rum



Blend all ingredients with 1 to 2 cups of ice…pour and sip sip sip!  The pepper jelly gives the drink a great spike without having to handle jalapenos!

Make this recipe family friendly by leaving out the rum! 

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