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The Georgia Watermelon Association would like to thank Harrell’s, Gibson Produce, International Paper, Melon 1 Inc, C&L Packing and Border Melons East for being our 2018 Platinum Sponsors. A special thank you goes out to these organizations. If you would like to learn more about these fine companies please visit their websites below.

#GASummertimeDrink Winner- Just Juice – Watermelon Martinis

Congratulations to the winner of our ‘Just Juice’ category Gwen P. for her yummy Watermelon Martini’s recipe!  Watermelon Martinis Gwen P. Serves 2-3 (depending on the size of your glasses!) Ingredients: 1 cup strained sweet, fresh watermelon juice (I used almost one-third of the Sugar Baby Watermelon) 1/2 cup good vodka (Grey Goose or Ketel […]

#GASummertimeDrink Winner- Blended Not Stirred – Watermelon Chia Chiller

Congrats to Sherry C. for winning the “Blended, Not Stirred” category of the Georgia’s Best Summertime Drink Contest!  This recipe is delicious, healthy and refreshing!     Watermelon Chia Chiller By Sherry C. Ingredients: 2 cups watermelon cubes 1 cup coconut water 1 Tablespoon chia seeds 1 teaspoon fresh grated ginger   Method:  Blend everything […]

#GASummertimeDrink Winner – Family Friendly – Watermelon Milkshake

Congrats to our Family Friendly category winner Anne T. for her recipe “Best Watermelon Milkshake” ! Simple, (definitely) sweet, and delicious! Best Watermelon Milkshake Anne. T. Ingredients:  watermelon vanilla ice cream milk Method:  Fill a blender half full with bite size watermelon pieces, add 3 scoops vanilla ice cream, 1/4 milk…blend…best milk shake ever!  

#GASummertimeDrink Overall Winner- Wishams Watermelon Daiquiri

Congrats to Valarie D. for winning the Georgia’s Best Summertime Drink contest!  This recipe is unique and downright delicious!  Plus – Valarie was able to use both Georgia Watermelons, and a south Georgia farmers custom pepper jelly to make this recipe work!      Wisham’s Watermelon Daiquiri By Valarie D. Ingredients: 2 tablespoons Wisham’s Fire […]

Raise Your Glass to Georgia’s Best Summertime Drink!

Raise Your Glass to Georgia’s Best Summertime Drink! From blended beverages to family favorites and everything in between, our search for Georgia’s best summertime drink was packed with plenty of ice-cold libations for watermelon fans of all ages to enjoy.  So while things heated up here in GA, we quenched our thirst by gulping down […]